Custom Pool Features

Custom Features Make Your 
Pool Truly Your Own

Add Customized Features to Your Pool

Premier Pools & Spas Contra in Costa & Alameda Counties offers you a wide range of unique, specialized features to add to your swimming pool. We will work closely with you to complement and personalize your pool.

Select From Various Custom Pool Features

  • Acapulco shelf
  • Beach entries
  • Colored lights
  • Deck jets
  • Interior and deck finishes
  • Mosaic accents
  • Sheer descents
  • Waterfalls

Beautiful Rock

Natural rock features can significantly add to the aesthetic of your entire property. Waterfalls, Sheer Descents, Notched Rock and Rock on Beam are some of the numerous ways to incorporate rock features in your pool project.
Beautiful rock features

Light Up Your Pool

Transform your pool from daylight to evening with dramatic, energy efficient pool lighting. We specialize in Pentair Brand lighting products which will take poolside evenings from great to spectacular. Pentair, the industry leader in pool equipment has the brightest and most efficient LED lights available. Choose from the vibrancy of white LED lighting or 5 brilliant fixed colors and 7 dazzling pre-programmed light shows.
Pool lighting

Natural-Looking Pool Entries

Why have generic concrete steps leading to your pool when you can add a natural design that mimics the entry to a beach. This type of pool entry features a deck that gradually slopes beneath the water. An Acapulco shelf is often added alongside a beach entry. This is a large, rounded step, generally only a few inches to a foot or so deep, which allows you to relax without being completely immersed in the pool.
Natural pool entries

Eye-Catching Mosaic Designs

Mosaic designs can add another touch of artistry to the overall look of your pool. Select from a wide variety of tiles in different shapes, sizes and colors, which can be used to create a large centerpiece image.
Pool designs

Fire Pits and Much More

Accentuate the entire area around your swimming pool with even more custom features from Premier Pools & Spas in Contra Costa & Alameda Counties.
  • Barbecues
  • Fire bowls
  • Fire pits
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Rock benches
Fire pit
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